Adjustable Welding Magnetic Holder

Adjustable Welding Magnetic Holder


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Adjustable Welding Magnetic Holder 


This unique Adjustable Welding Magnetic Holder is the new revolutionary way to hold tabs in place for welding to save tremendous amount of time! 

 Acts as a "third hand" and now you will no longer need a second person to help you hold and weld at the same time. Increase efficiency by up to 400% and use only a fraction of time!

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The Better And More Efficient Way To Hold Tabs In Place For Welding


Working on small welding projects can be difficult. Especially with small shapes like round, square and flat, pipes, etc. , it can be extremely fatiguing and take up a lot of precious time.

Normally, when you weld a tab in place, you're going to have your gloves on and you're going to hold the tab in place while you hit it with a quick tack, Your hand can shift while flip down your hood causing cursing and rework.

With the Adjustable Welding Magnetic, it will act as a "third hand" and now you can easily hold and weld much faster!

Imagine how drastically your work quality and efficiency will improve!

✅ Save More Time: Time is extremely important. It is easy to use allowing you to hold and weld at the same time without a second person.

✅ Adjustable And Flexible: it can be adjusted for different angles from 45° to 180° giving you more flexibility and room to work with. 

✅ Works On Different Materials: Our Adjustable Welding Magnetic Holder can work on a wide range of materials. Even on some kinds of stainless steel. (Except on aluminium because isn't magnetic).

✅ Extremely Strong Hold: High quality strong magnet helps to support small objects that are hard to clamp. Each piece can hold up to 4kg. (more pieces together will give you a strong holder).

✅ These V-shaped clamps are made of stainless steel– granting both strength and durability of this product. The clamps are extremely strong with a maximum pull force of four kilograms and could be used for any welding that needs to be done. 

✅ The length of these V-shaped clamps is two inches, and you can use them on your doors, windows, tool boxes or any other piece of furniture. They are used for holding tabs, holding unevenly shaped objects or for placing round parts.

✅We highly recommend you to get at least 10 which is also our best offer so that you can use it creatively with different kind of variations for all your welding needs. You can also keep the extras as replacement in case you lose or break some.

Right now we have it on a massive sale today only for the first 50 sets sold, so get yours before the discount is gone! ⏱

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