Digital Tape Measure

Digital Tape Measure


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Cord mode works similarly to that of a standard tape measure, but it can also be wrapped around objects. Rather than seeing the measurement on the cord (as you would see on a tape measure), the measurement is shown on the display, and it adjusts in real time. If you want to freeze the measurement, you can press the large red button.Cord mode is 11 feet long.

Roll mode is designed for measuring unusually shaped objects, such as rounded objects. It can also be used for very long measurements, such as a cinder block wall ,measured over 75 feet in length. Like cord mode, the measurement for roll mode also adjusts in real time.

Laser mode ican measure up to 25 feet.There is something satisfying about pointing a laser and getting an instant measurement. Inaccurate when there are obstacles around the tape measure, It is recommended to take the tape measure on your hand and measure (Similar to sonic measurement)

Digital Tape Measure

One nice feature is that you can begin your measurements from either side of the device in cord or laser mode. So if you were to place it up against a wall, for example, you could begin your measurements from the side projecting the laser or from the opposite side.


Product Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.6 x 3.3 inches
Measures in three separate ways (flex cord, roll mode, and laser mode)
Sturdy manufacturing
Calculations appear on a digital LED screen
Switch between different units of measurements
Precise measure anything
Uses 4 AAA batteries, not included
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